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Backcountry 182 movie

Follow our owner Larry on an intense backcountry journey

Get access to this amazing 40 minute movie following the adventure of Larry and his Cessna through some beautiful landscapes and extreme aviation conditions.

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OUR products

Alpha Systems Angle of Attack Indicator

An AoA indicator will teach you to fly the wing, and understand it and fly by AOA instead of chasing the Airspeed Indicator, more accuracy which means safety enhancement, more consistency for the pilot and get all the performance from your plane.

Microaero Vortex Generators

Tested many times before and after install , they do work, why would airliners, corporate jets and even fighters have them if they did not worked.

Bush Air , Advanced pilot training

A complete and real word scenario training with: unusual attitudes maneuvers, spins, recovery from spins, recover from stalls with minimum altitude loss, all kinds of stalls and recoveries, STOL operations, Off airport, Mountain flying among many other subjects.

UAvionix AV30

New upgrades to the Cessna 170B, Uavionix Av 30, new tailwheel bracket, field approval to put battery on the back, behind the extended baggage compartment. (get rid of ballast) and do a weight and balance.

Aircraft Sport Seats

Best Cessna mods for the backcountry

McFarlane throttle with vernier

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Our commitment is to deliver customized web, branding, social media and audiovisual solutions that meet each client’s unique needs. Our collaborative team works closely with clients to understand their business and audience. 

We combine creativity, technical expertise, and deep knowledge of client’s needs to create marketing strategies that stand out and drive results. 

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